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Dec 26, 2023

Wait it gets Better is an Inprovisational storytelling Podcast


Join us as we spend an Episode talking about our latest story "The Coming Storm"



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Dec 18, 2023

Wait It Gets Better Is an Improvisational Storytells


Story Element:

Levi: Fighting Style

Seth: Villian

Reed: Ka-Tet Members


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Dec 11, 2023

Wait it Gets better is An Improvisational Storytelling Podcast 


Story Elements:

Levi: Economic System

Reed: Sboabyar

Seth Wise Old Man


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Dec 4, 2023

Wait it gets better is an Improvisational storytelling Podcast


Story Elements: 

Levi: Beginning Scene

Seth: Pantheon 


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Nov 27, 2023

Wait it Gets Better is an Improvisational Storytelling Podcast 


Listen this Week as we discuss The TOP HAT OF DOOM!



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